Cutacut’s most read stories in 2019

We want to say we’re surprised but are we really?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: What better way to start the year than by looking at what you, the reader, was into last year. It should give us some insight into what’s expected of 2020.

Here are the 9 most viewed stories on Cutacut:

1. Neelam Muneer says she only did an item song because of ISPR

Taking the top spot, this story was about the young actresses comments about an item song and the military. Are we even surprised? No.

2. Asmat’s cause of death yet to be ascertained, family blames medical negligence

A horrifying story of a young woman who died under mysterious circumstances during a visit to a hospital.

3. YouTuber Umar Khan aka Ukhano accused of sexual harassment by multiple women

Earlier this year, popular YouTuber found himself in midst of a sexual harassment compliant. Here’s our story on the case

4. Is PDA a crime in Pakistan?

A story from 2018, but still relevant as ever.

5. After being raped and killed, Priyanka Reddy’s name has been searched ‘8 million times’ on adult websites

Another gory story of rape and murder, and a country’s reaction. Read on:

6. Comment: Sanam Baloch’s interview with Aamir Liaquat is shameful

We could really write a thesis on morning shows. Read:

7. COMMENT: It does not matter what Dua Mangi was wearing

The kidnapping of a young girl created fear and panic among Karachi residents, but many on social media were more concerned about her attire.

8. Being gay in Pakistan

Another story from 2018 and an important one. We’re glad it’s still on the most read list

9. Coke Studio to launch season 12 with Atif Aslam

The country’s biggest music show announced a comeback with it’s biggest musician. Of course, we will read about it.


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