After being raped and killed, Priyanka Reddy’s name has been searched ‘8 million times’ on adult websites

Her name is the top trend in India and Pakistan

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: News of Priyanka Reddy’s case surfaced online a few days ago. It was revealed that a horrific incident took her life: the 27 year old veterinary doctor was abducted by four men from a highway on Hyderabad, India, that led to her being gang-raped brutally, killed and her body was burnt and dumped about 27 kms away from the crime scene. This news shocked and disgusted many who took to the streets in protest, with some demanding that the perpetrators of the crime (who are now arrested) to be hanged.

In light of this, new shocking information has made its way online, showcasing the numbers of people who couldn’t care less about the incident. In a report by RT on Monday, it was stated that the victim’s name propelled to the top of a famous adult site, XVideos, as the most searched name on the site.

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This further led to outcry (for those who are trying to recover from the horrific news of the incident itself) against an apparently morally bankrupt society that is actively searching for the video of Priyanka’s rape. According to Herald Publicist, her name was searched eight million times and not only in India, her name was heavily searched in Pakistan as well.

This news has lead to introspection by users on Twitter:


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