Ushna Shah is the new goodwill ambassador for WWF Pakistan

Ushna Shah shares her joy over joining forces with renowned environmental organization WWF Pakistan, says its an honor to join the Panda family.

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KARACHI: It is time we collectively understood our responsibility towards the environment. It is imperative that anyone who enjoys their position as an opinion leader takes responsibility for encouraging others to follow suit. One such celebrity to have used her influence towards such a cause is Ushna Shah, after she recently joined forces with WWF Pakistan.


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One could sense her joy as she wrote, “Honored to join hands with WWFPAK as the Goodwill Ambassador and be a part of the panda family. WWF’s mission is to work to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and nature. I am grateful for this platform and can not wait to get to work with these dedicated & passionate individuals. Wish us luck! 🐼”

The actress also mentioned treating herself to a gelato after her signing to celebrate the moment. “The last two pictures are of me enjoying a gelato after my signing… Just sharing my happy.”

In an Instagram post, WWF Pakistan also expressed their pride as they got Ushna Shah on-board. “We are delighted to welcome Ushna Shah as our Goodwill ambassador. Besides being a brilliant actress, Ushna is an ardent environmental activist and a  fervent supporter of animal rights, protection of endangered species in Pakistan, and conserving the environment. WWF welcomes Ushna to the panda family and hopes that the partnership will bring great value to our mission of nature conservation in Pakistan.”


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The organization is committed to helping the people of Pakistan be more environmentally friendly towards the native species that share their habitat i.e. Pakistan. It also works towards conserving natural resources such as fresh water, which may go scarce in nearly half of the entire world by 2030. “Pakistan’s major cities are already facing problems of groundwater extraction and drawdown of water tables. More than ever, we now need healthy freshwater resources.”


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Let us hope more people join hands to help the environment, conserve more resources and encourage a more protective attitude towards our (otherwise generally abused) animals.

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