Bollywood’s remake of Pasoori leaves Twitter unimpressed

KARACHI: Over the years, the animosity between Pakistan and India has increased. What began as political tensions eventually translated into art and sport. Bollywood also has a reputation of using Pakistani music and trying to market it as their own. But on the off chance they go through the proper route of buying the rights to the song, they completely massacre it. If there is any proof of this statement, it is the Bollywood ‘Pasoori’ remake.

When 'Pasoori' came out, it was one of the most popular songs of its time. Not too long after its release, it became the most-watched Coke Studio music video of all time as well as the most searched song in the world in 2022. Featured in Ms. Marvel and sung at Coachella, it’s safe to say ‘Pasoori’ was one of the finest things to come out of Pakistan in an otherwise turbulent year.

But good times don’t usually last for Pakistan and in 2023, news began to circulate that T-Series had legally acquired the rights to the Pakistani anthem and were making a remake. Set to feature in the upcoming Bollywood movie Satya Prem Ki Katha and sung by Arijit Singh, the remake of ‘Pasoori’ was released on Monday morning and there has been collective outrage over the song.

Was Arijit the right choice?

While everyone loves Arijit Singh’s music, that doesn’t mean he is the right choice for each and every song in Bollywood. Hence, one of the major criticisms of the ‘Pasoori’ remake was for the singer.

Someone stop T-Series

It seems as though the music label is on a mission to destroy good music as we know it!

Changing the entire purpose behind the song

‘Pasoori’ was never meant to be a romantic song so why is the remake one?

Ali Sethi’s betrayal

There was a lot of anger directed towards Ali Sethi for allowing the ‘Pasoori’ remake.

The salty Indians

Indians are very loyal when it comes to trying to demean Pakistan, even if it makes them sound a slight bit insane.

We’re now going to put the original ‘Pasoori’ on repeat to erase all traces of the remake!

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