Movies to look forward to this summer!

KARACHI: With summer hitting in full swing, it’s way too hot to want to step out of our rooms and way too expensive to leave the country for a vacation. So what better way to spend our summers than by watching some of the most anticipated movies of 2023? Here are our top picks of movies, both Pakistani and otherwise, to look forward to seeing on the big screen!

Teri Meri Kahaniyaan

SeePrime decided to go big when it came to summer releases. Rather than releasing one movie they decided to release three, all of which will feature some of the biggest names in the industry! In the summers of 2023 why watch one movie with you can watch three, all together?

Teri Meri Kahaniyaan is an anthology of three different movies told by some of the most renowned storytellers in Pakistan namely Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, Vasay Chaudhry, Ali Abbas Naqvi and Basit Naqvi. Each movie has a different cast, a different genre and a different story. And the best part is, we get to see all three for the price of one!

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Jin Mahal directed by Nabeel Qureshi is a horror comedy as a family finds themselves in a depleted house with paranormal activities keeping them on their toes. Who better to play the eccentric couple than Hira Mani and her husband Mani!

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Pasoori, which stars Sheheryar Munawar and Ramsha Khan, has been directed by Marina Khan and is a rom-com. Dance numbers, gorgeous outfits and wedding disasters, what more could we want?

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The romance in Aik Sau Taeswaan by Nadeem Baig will see Wahaj Ali make his big screen debut alongside Mehwish Hayat. From smooth as silk dialogues to smoldering looks, it has all that we ever want from Wahaj Ali!

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It’s been a while since the movie starring Syra Yousaf and Shahroz Subzwari was announced. Delay after delay, it seemed like Babylicious wouldn’t see the light of day. However, it seems as though the summers of 2023 will be the right time for the movie which is set to release on Eid ul Adha.

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The movie is set to be a romance that goes through trials. A young couple vow to stay in love till the end of time. But to their surprise, the end comes sooner than later and the couple breaks up. As Sabiha tries to move on with her life, Omar plots all the ways he can win her back. Love, heartbreak, comedy, dance numbers and action scenes, Babylicious has all the elements of a young adult romance!

Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One

Will Tom Cruise ever retire? We certainly hope not! Set to hit theatres on July 12th, this first installment of a two-parter in the Mission: Impossible series is a movie you don’t want to miss!

Ethan Hunt and his trusted partners are back to performing dangerous stunts, working their way out of sticky situations and saving the world. This time, they are tasked with the mission to save all of humanity from a dangerous weapon that in the wrong hands can be the end of times as we know it!


The summer of 2023 will be complete when the Barbie movie hits our screens. It’s been quite a while since we first saw Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling dressed up as our favorite plastic couple and between first looks and teaser trailers, the anticipation was sky high when the trailer finally released. Now, July 21st cannot come faster!

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Barbie and Ken are set to officially enter the real world on July 21. The two live in a seemingly perfect world surrounding by perfectly diverse Barbies and Kens. But then things start going wrong. Barbie no longer floats off of her roof and has to endure cold showers. And the most alarming sign is the fact that her heel now touches the ground! The horror! Forced to leave their perfect pink, plastic world and go into The Real World for answers, Barbie and Ken are subjected to the horrors of real life. Between punching rowdy men and ending up in jail, Barbie and Ken realize they have bigger problems. As the people of The Real World realize that Barbie has come to life, they attempt to subdue her and Barbie and Ken are forced to fend for themselves!

Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani

Is there anything more exciting than a movie starring Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, that too directed by Karan Johar? 

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Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani is Johar’s first release since 2016’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and while the teaser for the movie doesn’t really reveal much, it does fulfills the filmmaker’s promise that the movie will be a grand tribute to the larger than life and over the top Bollywood musicals he grew up watching. Beautiful outfits, breathtaking locations, dances and sizzling chemistry, we cannot wait to see Rock Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani release on July 28!


Ranbir Kapoor is all bulked up and ready for his new movie Animal. While the cast and crew has been very tight lipped about the project, from what little that has been released, fans are excited to see Kapoor play a very different sort of character than what he usually does!

Animal has been directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and stars Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Rashmika Mandanna. As per Kapoor, the movie is a crime drama and revolves around a father son relationship. The trailer for the movie, which is set to release in August, will be revealed sometime in July!

Needless to say, the summer of 2023 will not be short of entertainment!

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