How to binge-watch your favourite TV show

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By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Humare aziz hum watno, a long weekend is just about to grace our lives. Yes, we’re referring to the Friday-Saturday-Sunday chuttis. Given that Pakistan Day is falling on a Friday this year, we are getting serious patriotic feels.

Juuuust in case you don’t have anything planned out for the long weekend, we prepared a basic how to guide on our favourite thing to do: binge on TV shows.

1) Dress for the occasion 

First and foremost, get into your comfiest pjs.

2) Netflix and literally chill

Get your laptops out and log onto your Netflix account (or not, if you’re a mufta party) and get crackin’.

3) Choose wisely

Not every show is going to be binge-watch-worthy for you. So make sure you pick the one that gets you hooked. If you’re still confused about which show is right for you then check the ratings for the show or speak to your friends about it. It’s serious business, you don’t want to start till you’re willing to finish.

4) Mute all your WhatsApp groups

Trust us on this, you don’t want anyone calling you riiiight before Khirad throws some serious shade at Ashar in Hum Safar or when President Kirkman in Designated Survivor is about to uncover who really blew up the Capitol and why. You know the drill.

5) Stock up on snacks

Surround yourself with an unlimited supply of chips and cookies. And keep them on your bed or close to it so you don’t have to pause the show to grab snacks.

6) Go easy on the soda

While all kinds of junk is fair game, we would advise you to keep your hands off soda and juices or even water. Don’t succumb to dehydration otherwise you’re going to have to leave your bed and go pee. And compared to the toilet, the bed is looking preeeetty good.

7) Get involved

In order to get the full experience of binge-watching, you have to get yourself emotionally attached to a character. Better fiction than real life, ammirite? So it’s okay if you cry when Derek dies on Meredith or when Rachel gets off the plane or when Zaroon falls for Kashaf.

8) To sleep or not to sleep

There will come a point when you’re on the 15th episode of the show and you would want to give up. You’ll be yawning and your eyes will be closing. But stay strong. Only two to three episodes till the season finale. And when you reach that finale, keep in mind that sleeping is not an option. Keep going and keep watching.

You’re welcome. Have a great weekend!

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