Upcoming short film by ACF hopes to change the way people treat animals

KARACHI: In a country where human rights are hardly being adhered to, the concept of animal rights barely exists. However, one woman decided to change the status quo and did what no one else could. Ayesha Chundrigar started ACF in 2013 and has since then, been fighting for the rights of the voiceless. 10 years into their journey, ACF is now releasing a short film which will change the way we see and treat animals.

The ACF film is titled “Aisa Hi Hota Hai” and is, “A film about animals like you’ve never seen before.” The short film, which is just five minutes long, has been directed by Marina Khan and will star Sania Saeed.

The idea behind the project is to, “Leave you contemplating & challenging a lot of things we pass off as ‘normal’ that really aren’t.” Speaking to Cutacut, Ayesha Chundrigar gave a bit of insight about the film and said, “This is a film about animals like you’ve never seen before. Because it’s not just about animals. It’s about so much more and how animals are connected to it. We always think animals play no part in human affairs but they actually do. We just don’t realize how big a role they play and this film is hopefully a start to opening our eyes to see what we consider ‘normal’ a little differently.”

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Why make a film though, many might wonder? To answer that question, ACF chose to use the media because, “Media is the most powerful way to reach the most people. Which is why we’ve decided to enter film.” However, the ACF short film was shot, “with practically zero budget. It was just a bunch of kind people who love animals that came together to help create a change in society.” The process of filming was “challenging, filming it completely raw but that’s the beauty of animals. The rawness. That’s what we wanted to capture. You can never repeat the same take twice with an animal.”

“Aisa Hi Hota Hai” is set to release on the 16th of June on all ACF social media platforms. The film will include subtitles for international audiences.

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