Ayesha Chundrigar of ACF condemns dog culling

As Karachi sees a surge in dog culling, ACF comes forward to explain why dog culling is both inhumane, and a bad idea

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: Known for its strong stance against animal abuse, ACF has been quick to respond during cases of emergency when it comes to animal rights violations. Recently, Karachi saw a surge in cases of dog culling to which ACF, along with a number of public figures, gave their clear-cut stance.

Ayesha Chundrigar, the founder of ACF Animal Rescue has condemned the mass dog culling across Karachi. She requested the CBC (Cantonment Board Clifton) to look into this matter and prevent further harm. With the brutal massacre of dogs in DHA and Clifton, Chundrigar has called for action against the frequently ongoing animal rights violations in the way our street animals are treated. She also argues that most of these dogs have already been neutered and vaccinated, so killing them does not really achieve anything.

On February 8, 2021, a number of representatives from ACF, Rabies-Free Pakistan, and a number of other people alarmed and affected by dog culling across Karachi, gathered to meet with the Assistant Secretary, CBC, Sajjad Nazir at the CBC office. ACF and RFP once again offered to coordinate with CBC with vaccination against Rabies, and to help neuter and spay the stray dogs. Both the organizations, ACF and RFP, will be conducting their services while ACF will also be sharing updates via their social media, for any volunteers who wish to join.

“I strongly, with all of my heart, condemn the senseless, brutal murder of stray dogs in Karachi that’s taking place. These are people’s pets and neighbourhood dogs that are vaccinated and neutered. Stray dogs are not vicious as they are made out to be. Dogs, like any living being, will simply react to the way they are being treated. The fact that people think murder is a solution when there are proven humane methods to manage dog population control is evidence that they are not killing dogs because they are a threat, they are simply killing because they want to kill. All life is sacred. No one has a right to take away innocent life,” stated Ayesha Chundrigar.

To decrease the dog population, dog culling, a barbaric practice is what most authorities in Karachi resort to. However, scientifically proven across the world, killing them cannot help much. Chundrigar adds that a more humane and universally agreed-upon way to control the dog population and keeping people safe is to spay/neuter dogs and administer vaccines for rabies.

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