Artists who are winning our hearts with their acting debuts

These actors might be new to the world of dramas, but they have been associated with the industry in one way or the other

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: There was a time when Pakistani dramas seemed to be stuck in a rut, in terms of both cast and scripts. Audiences were used to seeing the same faces adapting different characters, playing similar roles on various TV channels. However, the industry recently welcomed new actors, and even offered some unique storylines. What was even better to witness was the fact that various artists joined the list of Pakistani actors (drama) as they made their acting debuts. Musicians, models, and even fashion designers turned to TV and pleasantly surprised their fans.

Here are three artists-turned-actors who are ruling our hearts with their performances in on-going dramas:

Danyal Zafar

Fans were excited to find out that singer and musician Danyal Zafar was going to turn actor for Mahira Khan’s production, Baarwan KhiladiHowever, it only got better for Zafar’s fans when the singer-turned-actor made an appearance on the small screen this Ramzan. Playing the male lead in Hum TV’s Taana BaanaZafar has proven that he is ready to make a career out of acting. Though his role in the Ramzan special is a simple one, Zafar does a sound job at playing a sweet, romantic, newly-wed who is hopelessly in love. Zafar’s comic timing and facial expressions also deserve to be commended.

Hadiqa Kiani

Even though Raqeeb Se has been on air for a while, we are still in awe of Hadiqa Kiani’s portrayal of Sakina. From the very first episode, Kiani has been able to project the fear and guilt that Sakina lives with. Her submissive nature is obvious through her hushed voice while her eyes convey everything else that she is unable to say out loud. For years, Kiani has ruled the local music industry as one of its best vocalists, but seems like Kiani is here to make her mark on the small screen as well.


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When we think of artists venturing into acting, we rarely expect fashion designers to join the list. However, HSY has turned out to be full of surprises. With his acting debut in Pehli Si MuhabbatHSY as Akram continues to impress audiences each week. Not only is Akram the opposite of the persona that HSY has, the actor particularly surprised us with his command over the Urdu language. From his pronunciation to his accent, HSY has hit the nail on the head each time. The drama already has an impressive cast on board, including the audience’s favourites Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali. Yet, Akram manages to shine equally bright and is often responsible for steering the storyline in a new direction.


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