Churails is back on Zee5 for audiences in Pakistan

After being removed from the ZEE5 streaming site for local audiences, the show is back in Pakistan

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Just two days ago, there was an uproar on the internet after viewers noticed that ZEE5’s web series Churails was no longer available to local audiences. Writer and director Asim Abbasi had then taken to his social media to confirm that the series had in fact been banned in Pakistan. While no official reason was given by ZEE5 regarding the removal of the show, Pakistani fans and celebrities alike were upset over the step taken. Today, however, Abbasi delivered his fans with the news of the show being restored for viewers in Pakistan.

“The witches who wouldn’t burn. Not yet. Not today. #Churails is now back on in Pakistan. And there is no better woman, better actor, better screengrab that embodies my current mood! Hina Bayat you are a rockstar for gracefully dealing with all the needless vilification. You played Sherry and her patriarchal bargain to absolute perfection. No moral policing can ever take that away from you,” wrote Abbasi.

His post also quoted an official statement from ZEE5, “Our aim has always been to create content that resonates strongly with viewers across the globe. Churails has been a phenomenal success story for us and has been lauded and loved the world over. The show was taken off the platform in Pakistan purely in compliance with a directive that we received. We have now addressed the matter and reinstated the show on our platform. We have yesterday also launched the trailer of our next Zindagi Original Ek Jhoothi Love Story, which we hope will go on to be hugely loved by our audiences.”

Many also believe that it was Pakistan Telecommunications Authority who had initiated the removal of the show from Pakistan. Abbasi’s post also included a statement from the authority. “The PTA said it contacted the platform after receiving complaints about the show.”

“We cannot block (content) on our own, but we can write to the platform, which we have done,” is what the authorities seem to have reported.
The return of the web series is a moment of joy not for the team of Churails but also its fans who wish to see more creative content in Pakistan.

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