A story that needs to be told, Razia promises to challenge patriarchy

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It has been a good three years since we last saw Mahira Khan on the small screen and naturally, fans were hopeful to see the actor back on television. And it comes as no surprise that the Maula Jatt star’s comeback will be on a plot focused on female empowerment. The new drama Razia is set to air on Express Entertainment and with Mahira Khan as the narrator, it will shed light on how difficult it is to be a woman.

The trailer for the new drama sees Mahira Khan addressing the men who, “Taartay, raal tapkatay, kandha maartay, harass kartay (ogle women, drool over them and who harass them).” She gives a forewarning that this story isn’t your usual saga of evil mother-in-laws, forlorn lovers or forbidden relationships. It definitely isn’t a story about sensationalizing rape or toxic heroes. So then, what is Razia about?

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The upcoming drama seemingly tells the story of a young girl with so much potential but is held back by the oppression and patriarchy that we are all too well accustomed with. We see Razia as a girl who loves riding her bicycle and manages to score the highest grades. But all her father and brother can think of is getting her married off. While her mother tries to protect her from predators outside the safety of her home, she isn’t able to stop her daughter from falling prey to an abusive husband who only wants one thing from her and that is a son. But don’t be fooled, Razia isn’t your meek heroine. She’s smart and fearless and will not act like a victim.

We get to see some familiar faces starring opposite Mahira Khan in the new drama including Mohib Mirza and Momal Sheikh. We are in for quite the ride as the drama promises to make us question where we are going as a society and how terribly women are treated simply because of their gender, irrespective of their potential. As Mahira Khan, the narrator of the story asks, “What have you ever achieved in life that you want a son to carry on your legacy?”

Razia is the embodiment of a bold, empowered female lead that we have been waiting for, for quite sometime!

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