Lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir abducted from Karachi

KARACHI: With the political scenario in Pakistan being tense as it is, more disturbing news made headlines last night. Late at night on the 1st of June, lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir was reported to have been abducted. His wife, Mansha Pasha, took to social media to share the news and recalled the traumatic events that took place.

Distraught and visibly shaken, she recalled how the two were on their way back home when their car had been intercepted by a white Vigo that, in an attempt to stop them, almost crashed into their car. She then revealed that around fifteen armed men abducted Jibran Nasir. She urged everyone to just pray for the safe return of her husband but to also raise a voice in an effort to get her husband released.

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Since then, the news that Jibran Nasir was abducted made rounds on social media and a hashtag #releaseJibranNasir began. Many expressed shock that someone who fought for human rights was being treated in such a manner.

Others called out the bitter political scenario that they believed was behind the abduction:

Here’s to praying for the safe return of Jibran Nasir!

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