Vague edits, plot holes and insensitivity leave Tere Bin in a mess

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: The seven days between 17th and 24th of May seemed like the longest week. After weeks of intense chemistry and a whole lot of back and forth, we all found ourselves invested in Murtasim and Meerub’s relationship in Tere Bin. While the plot of the drama didn’t really stand out (other than the fact that they stuffed every possible genre into it including paranormal, politics, suspense and romance), what did stand out was the character development of our hero. But because we can never have the good things in life, the writers decided to undo over 40 episodes worth of effort and make Murtasim the villain and they did so in the most vilest ways possible. The promo for the new episode of Tere Bin had hinted heavily towards the possibility of marital rape and fans were livid. Social media was flooded with disapproval and to pacify the audiences, the writers decided to pretend they never planned on showing marital rape and made some last minute edits. Naturally, the edits left room for plot holes and fans were not amused. Here is how audiences reacted to the new episode of Tere Bin and the topic of marital rape.

Fans were definitely not fooled with the last minute edits:

They had some very valid questions:

Of all the times they could have, they chose Mariam’s rukhsati:

The damage was done:

While the new episode of Tere Bin made for some really funny tweets, many were not amused. They felt that the implication of marital rape should never have been there in the first place and the editing couldn’t undo the damage that had been done.

The way the latest episode of Tere Bin was promoted initially, is prime example of how violence against women is still not taken seriously or shown empathetically. Marital rape is a trauma women face in their lives and using it for ratings and shock value belittles the women who have to endure it. We hope that dramas do better in the future when it comes to dealing with sensitive topics.

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