Man beats up, strips and shaves off wife’s hair after she refuses to dance for him and his friends

Survivor shares story of how she was brutally beaten up

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: A woman in Lahore was allegedly beaten up, stripped and balded by her husband for refusing to dance in front of his friend.

In a video that has been making rounds on social media, the woman said her husband routinely beats her up, but this time, he shaved off her hair and stripped her in front of the house help. She added that her clothes bloodied and that her husband hit her with pipes, and threatened to hang her from the fan naked.

She narrated that she managed to go to the police station the next morning. However, instead of finding support, she was allegedly asked for a bribe by the police.

In the video, the woman stated that she did not have any money to give to the police and neither does she have any family or close relatives to ask for help.

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Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari took notice, and tweeted that two men, including her husband Faisal, have been arrested in connection with the incident. An investigation is underway.

Earlier, the Interior Minister Shehryar Khan Afridi also took notice of the incident. “State is [here] to protect our daughters and sisters from toxic relationships,” he said in a tweet.


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