Murtasim: To love him or hate him?

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Almost 30 episodes into Tere Bin and it feels like the drama is going absolutely nowhere. It’s one step forward and two steps backwards and a whole lot of whiplash. While half of the Pakistani female population has already planned on naming their future kids Murtasim after watching Tere Bin, we can’t help but be confused about him. Over the course of the show, he has shown some super toxic traits. But on the other hand, he has some redeeming qualities as well. Here are all the reasons to love or hate Murtasim.

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His aggression towards Meerub

As much as girls love a dominant man, Murtasim’s aggression is a major turn off. The first few episodes saw him grabbing Meerub and jerking her around against her will. From dragging her off the road to dragging her away from her birthday party, he used brawn over brains while trying to win Meerub over.

Not to forget, he once slapped her so hard that she fainted in his arms. That too, before they were married. Sure, Meerub was being a huge pain, but physical violence is never justified!

His toxic loyalty test

In the more recent episodes of Tere Bin, Murtasim is angered when he finds his wife at her stalker’s house and starts to question Meerub’s loyalty towards him and their marriage. Rather than talking it out with his wife, he chooses to go down the silent route and then one step further.

For Murtasim, the litmus test of loyalty is dragging your wife to the roof and demanding she jump off if she is truly loyal. Nothing about the scene screamed romantic hero and was instead, as toxic as it could be.

The gaslighting

Just about everyone in Tere Bin knows about Haya’s obsessive love for Murtasim. In fact, she has made it a point to not only let Murtasim know exactly how low she thinks of Meerub, she also makes her feelings for him clear as day.

But when Meerub points it out to Murtasim and tells him how she doesn’t appreciate Haya’s clinginess, rather than listening to his wife, he gaslights her. From taking Haya on car rides to taking her to the village alone, he keeps feeding into Haya’s obsession.

His unwavering support for Meerub

Being married to Meerub is no easy task and despite his shortcomings, Murtasim has stood by his wife and all her silliness.

From their Valima when Meerub danced away much to the shock of everyone to the questions about the contract, Murtasim has stood up for his wife time and again.

Meerub vs Ma Begum

Ma Begum is the matriarch of the family and her word is law. And she really doesn’t like Meerub. From slapping her to kicking her out of the house, Ma Begum hasn’t held back.

But Murtasim has proven that not all men fall prey to their mother’s bias. Time and again, Murtasim has stood up against the matriarch, especially when she was being unfair to his wife.

His soft side towards his wife

Murtasim might be the big bad wadera of the village but he’s putty in his wife’s hands. Unlike most Pakistani lead men, he understands the concept of consent and abides by it even if it means sleeping on the couch or not forcing Meerub to reciprocate his feelings. While the standard might be low, it is refreshing to see!

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