Thoughts we have while watching Tere Bin

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: As of late, Wahaj Ali has been dominating our screens. With two back-to-back dramas with some of the best leading ladies to back him up, you would assume that he would be producing quality content. Unfortunately, we have learnt not to expect too much from Pakistani dramas beyond cousin marriages, family politics and a whole lot of crying. And so, now all we expect is entertainment, even if that isn’t the intention behind the drama. Tere Bin started off as a typical political romantic drama but a few weeks later, we’re not sure what it is supposed to be. Here are our thoughts watching Tere Bin up until episode 13.

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Awkward romance

Murtasim (Wahaj Ali) went from being this brooding, unlovable wadera to soft tarsa hua lover boy faster than we could even blink. When his fourth grade bullying tactics didn’t work in making his cousin fall in love with him (surprise, surprise) he then resorted to winning her over with a fake story of…ghosts? Yes, you read that right. He manages to scare Meerub, who wasn’t afraid to beat a random man in the middle of the road with a stick, with a story of their house being haunted and she all but falls into his arms. Who said romance is dead?

But while most people are watching the drama for the (lack of) chemistry between Murtasim and Meerub, it’s like the characters are trying very hard to water down the spark. Murtasim tries to woo Meerub dressed up like Diego from Dora the Explorer with a gun in hand and Meerab’s version of dirty talk is mentioning all the food she cooked for her beloved. Not the most comfortable thing to watch.

The crossing of arms

The typical defensive stance is to cross your arms. It’s meant to come off as being staunch in their stance and intimidating. But when Meerub (Yumna Zaidi) crosses her arms, for some reason the impact just doesn’t hit. It takes way too long for her to position her arms and wrangle them out of her dupatta and cross them. And because we’re too focused on the incredibly awkward hand movements, we find it difficult to focus on what is being said!

Psycho cousin is a vibe

No cousin marriage drama is complete without a psycho cousin who believes she was detained for greatness when in fact no one even thought of her, at all. One would assume that by episode 13 of Tere Bin, Haya would realize that she has no chances with Murtasim. One would take the hint after he literally told her, as she clutched onto his legs, that he cannot stand her. But no, Haya is still at it, trying so hard to show Meerub down. Points for consistency but also homegirl has no plan to take down her arch nemesis and is just winging it and failing miserably.

Casting gone wrong

We all love Yumna Zaidi and for the longest time we wondered if there was any role she couldn’t pull off and it seems we finally found that role. Zaidi is so unconvincing as Meerub that it is almost hilarious. From her forceful delivery of dialogues that reminds us of a meme to the fact she sometimes can’t even get the sentence out in one go, it’s hard to take her seriously as a character.

The real villains

Despite being knee deep in the story, we haven’t been able to figure out who the real villain is in the drama. First, we thought it was misogynistic Murtasim but now he’s a soft lover boy. Then, we thought it was the slap giving mother-in-law (Bushra Ansari) but it’s not her either. Haya tries but she just comes off as desperate.

But have no fear, we have it figured out. The real villains are the maids! They are privy to just about everything going on at home, from the sleeping arrangements to vomiting sprees. And they aren’t afraid to wreak havoc by sharing the information!

Episode 14 is set to air tonight and the teaser promises a whole lot of (mediocre) drama. We cannot wait!

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