Three Pakistani films nominated at Cannes World Film Festival

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Over the past year, Pakistanis have proven just how talented they are. From Grammy nominations, to our fashion brands makes waves on the runway, to our actors getting roles in international projects and our filmmakers winning at prestigious festivals, it really does seem like the sky is the limit for us. But our long road to success is not over just yet. Three months into the new year and we have more good news to share! Three Pakistani films have been nominated at the Cannes World Film Festival and one has already been awarded as a winner in its category! Here is all you need to know about the movies.

Noor – Umer Adil

Nominated under the Best Health Film category, Noor has been directed by Umer Adil and is an initiative by the international NGO Sightsavers. It tells a” Simple, heartfelt narrative bringing to light a world in which many still struggle at the hands of cultural myths and taboos, especially children who in their vulnerability and innocence silently suffer the most.” The movie is a SeePrime original project and stars Sarwat Gilani and Omair Rana in the lead.

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While being nominated was exciting enough, Noor has been announced as a winner in the category!

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Pehchaan – Mohammad Ahsan

Nominated in the Best Human Rights Film, Mohammad Ahsan’s Pehchaan is a crime thriller based on a true story. While not a lot is known about the movie itself, the trailer promises an intense ride as a family comes to terms with their son being accused of a crime that even he seems unsure about. The mystery surrounding the movie makes it that much more exciting!

Jalavaan – Wajahat Malik

A very interesting Pakistani documentary picked by The Cannes World Film Fesitval, Jalavaan tells the story of a tribe known as Sonewals who, “wander up and down the banks of the Indus and wash gold dust from the silt and sand.”

As per director Wajahat Malik, “Sonewals are one of the most mysterious and the least documented people living in the Karakoram Mountain alongside various rivers. They camp alongside the banks of rivers, searching for traces of gold in the flowing water all day long and yet live in extreme poverty since they make ends meet purely based on chance. ” An inside look into how they live is bound to be interesting!

Win or lose, we couldn’t be more proud of our filmmakers!

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