Has Iran demolished the morality police?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Over the past few months, Iran has been thrown into extreme turmoil over a death at the hands of the morality police. With protests raging on locally and internationally, one major demand by the public was that the morality police in Iran be abolished. It was reported that the Attorney General of Iran claimed that the morality police was being scrapped but local media coverage suggests otherwise.

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On 13th September, Mahsa Aimini was arrested by the morality police for not wearing the state mandated hijab correctly. She was detained and beaten up by the morality police and eventually fell into a coma and died. And that is when the people of Iran began to speak up against the brutal morality police.

After months of protests, Iran’s Attorney General claimed that the mandatory hijab law was being reviewed by the parliament and judiciary and also claimed that the morality police was being abolished. However, Iranian state media strongly pushed back on those comments, saying the interior ministry oversees the force and not the judiciary.

Many took to social media to call out international publications such as the New York Times for publishing fake news while ignoring the regime’s on going brutality.

This false information comes after news began to spread that 1500 protestors were sentenced to death for taking to the streets. Independent fact checkers claimed that that was not the case.

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