#KashmirHour trends worldwide on Twitter

Pakistanis respond to PM Imran Khan's call to stand in solidarity with Kashmir

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Pakistan’s Prime Minister requested in his address on Wednesday for all Pakistanis to come out on Friday during 12-12.30 pm to show solidarity with the people of Indian Kashmir. He reiterated the request in a series of tweets yesterday.

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Since his posts, there was an overwhelming flux of Pakistanis taking to the streets to peacefully protest against the harsh conditions faced by Indian Kashmiris that is now trending on Twitter by the name of #KashmirHour. All over Pakistan, in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, roads have been blocked by protesters to show Kashmiris that “they are not alone against Modi’s facism.” According to Radio Pakistan, special prayers will be offered for the Kashmiris after the Friday prayers.

The hashtag #KashmirHour by trending worldwide, is showcasing the turnout and live updates of the protests in accordance with PM Imran Khan’s public request.



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