Who is Orya Maqbool Jan and what exactly is going on with him?

Confusion persists as PTI releases contradictory statements about Jan’s nomination for caretaker CM

KARACHI: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf came under fire yesterday (May 31) for welcoming convicted criminal Farooq Bandial in the party. Within a few hours, Bandial was expelled from PTI following backlash over the decision.

On Friday, social media lost it over yet another move by Imran Khan’s party: announcing Orya Maqbool Jan as one of their nominees for caretaker CM.

However, confusion over the nomination persists.


Well, according to reports, earlier in the day PTI leader Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed named Jan as a nominee. A few hours later, his candidacy was by PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhary

Who else has been named as a candidate?

Businessman Yakoob Izhar and senior analyst Prof Hassan Askari, according to Dawn

Who is Orya Maqbool Jan?

He is an analyst, columnist, Central Superior Services (CSS) officer and notorious for his controversial and extreme views

How did people respond?

Mostly like this:


On several occasions, Jan has come forward with some of the most absurd and politically incorrect statements, mostly targeting women, which somehow make it to national television. Here we’ll focus on the mysoginy.

Where’s the proof?

Right here:

1. His issue with a progressive television advertisement that showed a girl leaving home to pursue a career in cricket

Basically, he had an issue with the girl in the ad being filmed while she’s playing. He goes on and on about the ‘camera angles’ used in the ad and how the ad disrupted the deep-rooted ‘family values’ of Pakistan. And all this because of a one second clip of her running. Oh and if that wasn’t cringe-worthy enough for you, he also says that there are no success stories of women who leave home to pursue their dreams. There are only success stories of men who do so. Women either get ‘sold’ or they commit suicide. His words, not ours.

Can’t believe somebody would say such a thing in the 21st century? Watch the video below.

2. His reaction to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s harassment allegations

Jan had a lot to say following Sharmeen Obaid’s claims that a doctor had harassed her sister. According to him, women who make sexual harassment claims only do it for media attention. And he also justified the harassment by pointing out the nature of their clothes. He said if a girl’s clothes are a little above her ankles then she allows it to happen.

Watch it yourself.

3. His analysis of the ‘me too’ movement

Apparently, for him, the ‘me too’ movement and the fact that Meesha Shafi spoke against her sexual harasser is none of his business. It none of anyone’s business. These matters should remain ‘private’ because his daughter or sister shouldn’t hear them.



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