Gaza killings in numbers

Sixty Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since Monday

KARACHI:  Sixty Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since Monday, the day the US officially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after opening a new US Embassy there.

On May 14, as the opening ceremony, attended by Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner, was underway at the new embassy, Israel launched an attack on Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border.

Following are some significant numbers that have come out of the recent attacks, as reported by AFP:


is the current death toll after shooting from Israeli troops following the opening of a US embassy in Jerusalem


is the number of children who have died in the attack due to teargas inhalation


is the number of people wounded in the conflict on the border


is the number of casualties on the Israeli side of the border


is the total number of Palestinian lives claimed since March 30 on the border


is the number of Palestinians who have taken part in the protests so far


was the year Israel was created


was the year Israel took over West Bank and east Jerusalem




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