Education in numbers

Documenting the current state of education in Pakistan

KARACHI: With elections round the corner, we’ve all pinned our hopes on a range of new reforms the upcoming government might bring, especially regarding the dismal state of affairs in the education sector. As reported by Dawn and The Express Tribune, it’s evident that Pakistan is still far behind in literacy.

25 million

is the number of children between ages five and 16 that are currently out of school

902.7 billion

was the total budget allocated to education for Fiscal Year 2017-18


was the year Article 25-A was inserted in the Constitution of Pakistan, making the state liable to educate every children between ages five to 16


is the overall literacy rate in the country


of children in Pakistan are currently out of school


of children in Balochistan are out of schools


of children in FATA who are out of schools


of public sector primary schools don’t have electricity provision


of public sector primary schools don’t have toilets


of primary schools in Pakistan are being run single-handed by one teacher


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