Refugee crisis in numbers

Pakistan houses one of the world's largest refugee population: UNHCR

KARACHI: Earlier this year, a United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) report showed that Pakistan houses one of the world’s largest refugee population, most them hail from Afghanistan. The refugee crisis was termed the most challenging problem in the world last year.

On World Refugee Day, we decided to look at the geographical displacement – now considered the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War – of people in numbers, as taken from UNHCR.

68.5 million

is the number of displaced people worldwide

1.45 million

is the number of refugees hosted by Pakistan, most of which hail from Afghanistan


of all refugees are under the age of 18


is the number of persons displaced every minute around the world


is the year UNCHR facilitated the return of approximately 4.1 million registered Afghans from Pakistan


of the world’s displaced people are being hosted by developing countries


of refugees worldwide came from three countries: South Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria


is the number of people who are forced to flee their homes everyday due to fear of conflict and persecution


is the number of people who have been resettled

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