Thoughts we all had while watching Dubai Bling

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Every once in a while, people need to unwind. And there is no better way than to do so than by watching trash TV! Dubai Bling is the new Netflix series that has gotten everyone talking. Following the lives of some of Dubai’s most elite members, it is full of drama, over the top outfits, insanely ridiculous fights and is the type of content we live for! Here are some of the thoughts we had while watching Dubai Bling.

Only rich people could get away with wearing that!

Dubai Bling is all about the bling! The lead actors showcased some of their most extravagant outfits on the show. But some of the outfits are so over the top, it makes us wonder what the stylists were truly thinking?! I mean, earring in the shape of a fish skeleton? Feathers all around? Dresses that look like they belong on American Horror Story? And they’re all working the outfits? Are you kidding me?

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The secret formula to getting rich in Dubai:

If you ever wondered how one can make it in the cutthroat world of the Dubai elites, Dubai Bling has the simple answer for you!

It is clear whose side we are all on:

Rich people problems:

We did have some questions:

Hoping someone hears our prayers:

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