Urwa Hocane responds to Sonya Hussyn’s legal notice

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: After a two year delay, the cast and crew of the upcoming Tich Button had hoped their spell of bad luck would end and the movie would finally see the light of day. But it seems as though the movie’s release, which has been postponed yet again, is plagued by scandal. And in the forefront of it all is producer Urwa Hocane and lead actor Sonya Hussyn.

It all began when Sonya Hussyn, who plays a key role in the movie, revealed to Ahsan Khan that she had not been paid. This was in the start of 2021 and one would assume that almost a year and a half later, the matter would be resolved, especially since the movie’s release date and trailer was launched. But, as per Sonya Hussyn the matter remains unsolved which is why she sent Urwa Hocane a legal notice last month demanding that she be paid within fourteen days.

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However, it seems as though Urwa Hocane is unfazed by the legal notice. In a recent interview with Hassan Choudary on Express TV, she was asked about the legal notice sent to her in specific to which the debutant producer simply stated that she wasn’t even aware of the notice being sent. Choudray probed Hocane on the matter, asking her why the notice was sent to her and not ARY or even the director and whether there was an ongoing feud between the two ladies and he even questioned the timing of the legal notice just days before the release. Hocane reiterated that there was no feud between the two and she was genuinely confused about the matter. She did, however say, “I am a call away, we should speak to each other and find out. I’m not aware of this, at all.”

Urwa Hocane suggested that it might just be a misunderstanding because, “We are all professionals and mature enough to know that you don’t sabotage a project like that.”

The new release date for Tich Button is now 25th November.

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