Sharmila Faruqui criticizes Hum Awards, artists for celebrating during humanitarian crisis

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Pakistan is currently in a state of emergency. Various parts of the country have been destroyed by extreme flooding. Hundreds of lives lost, millions of people displaced. Apart from the nation coming together to help flood affectees, the international community has also come to Pakistan’s aid. Amongst the famous international personalities who recently visited the flood affected areas in Pakistan are Mufti Menk and Angelina Jolie. Pakistani politician Sharmila Faruqui took to Instagram to applaud Jolie’s commitment as a humanitarian and her efforts to help the people of Pakistan.

“Here is @angelinajolie visiting our worst flood affected district Dadu, spreading love & hope, appealing to the international community to come for our help,” wrote Faruqui while also criticizing local artists for doing the opposite. She specially expressed disappointment in the upcoming Hum Awards and for many of our celebrities being in Toronto to prepare for the show.

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Sharing a collage of pictures that showed the difference between Jolie helping our people on ground and local artists rehearsing in Canada, Faruqui stated “On the other hand, are our Pakistani shining stars all in Toronto for @humtvpakistanofficial awards, making merry and ready for some scintillating performances. Not a single one of them even bothered to visit any flood affected area or show any solidarity in cash or kind except for @hadiqakianiofficial.”

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“It would have been a great support if all of them had reached out to their fellow countrymen who have lost their homes, lives & livelihood to the devastating floods,” Faruqui suggested while emphasizing on the importance of reading the room. “There is a time for everything, to celebrate, to mourn… we have a humanitarian crisis in our country, this is the time to stand by them, with them, to hold, support and love them.”

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Hum Awards are set to take place in Ontario, Toronto on September 24 with a portion of the ticket sales being donated towards flood relief.

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