Here are the best traditional looks from Hum Awards 2019

The star-studded affair in Houston saw some of the biggest celebrities on the red carpet

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Let’s be honest, sometimes our stars get grilled for wearing Eastern wear to award shows. If it’s too embellished, people will call the outfits “shaadi joras“, if it’s too modern, then celebrities have to deal with the haw-haye brigade for showing too much skin. Either way, celebrities don’t have it easy and we’re here to celebrate the fact that Hum Awards just held a very starry affair in Houston this weekend and many of our biggest stars came out to win awards, watch the show and show off their sartorial choices.

We realize there’s a thin line between gaudy and gorgeous, but in our humble opinion, here are the stars who looked great and kept it traditional!

Reema looked effortlessly elegant and graceful in her ivory and gold ensemble

Dressed in a creation by designer Nilofer Shahid, Sarah Khan looked like royalty

Not only did he win an award this evening, Nauman Ejaz won our hearts with his black on black look. However, we are more in love with that gorgeous emerald green worn by his wife, Rabia

Ali Rehman Khan’s funky sherwani really stood out on the red carpet

Mawra Hocane chose a simple outfit but she chose to wear green and is carrying a clutch in the shape of a crescent and we admire her for that

Trust Ayesha Omar to keep things fashionable. This fusion sari by Elan looks absolutely beautiful on her!

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