Why the new Israeli superhero has irked many

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The past year, the world was witness to the state sponsored genocide that was taking place in Palestine at the behest of Israel. With an unfiltered and unbiased look into who the aggressors were, many rallied in support of the Palestinians. However, like many tragedies, it seems as though the plight of the Palestinians have been forgotten yet again and to add to the insult is the news that Marvel has announced a new Israeli superhero who will star in the upcoming Captain America movie.

Shira Haas has been cast to star as Ruth Bat-Seraph or Sabra, a former Mossad spy with special powers that include super strength, speed and the ability to fly at great velocity. Quite naturally, the decision to bring out a new Israeli Marvel superhero has angered a lot of people. And it is not just Marvel’s decision that has irked people, but the way Sabra has been portrayed in the comics has proven to be controversial as well.

Sabra in the comics is a clear representative of Israel; trained in both armed and unarmed combat by the Israeli military, most of her costumes feature aspects of the Israeli flag. On the other hand, Palestinians are simply referred to as Arabs and they embody every possible stereotype linked the people.

No matter how much Marvel might try to gloss things over with an Israeli superhero, it is hard to forget the mass atrocities that Israel has and continues to commit.

The decision taken by Marvel to include an Israeli superhero especially comes as a let down to many fans who have rejoiced over Ms. Marvel, a Pakistani Muslim superhero.

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