After cricket, Pakistan wins at memes

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: For two consecutive Sundays, arch rivals Pakistan and India battled it out for a spot in the final of the Asia Cup. Both matches were intense to say the least but it all came in full circle when we finally beat India in the super four. As entertaining as the game was, what was more entertaining were the memes made in regards to the Pakistan and India match. Here are some of our favorite reactions!

In a parallel universe:

What is a Pakistan and India match without a splash of politics?

Rizwan becoming the man of our hearts:

Rizwan might have been the star of the show but was more importantly the man of our hearts.

Naseem Shah cannot be blamed:

Shah wowed everyone in the first Pakistan and India match but struggled in the second (but we still love him). Here is the most logical reason why though.

Watching the Pakistan India match is a health hazard:

The real heroes:

What a great time to be alive, cricket wise at least!

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