Fakhar Zaman praised for sportsmanship

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Sunday evening, people from both sides of the border sat glued to their television screens as arch rivals Pakistan and India battled it out in the second match of The Asia Cup 2022. The game was intense, to say the least. Between Shahnawaz Dahani being our saving grace in the last over to Naseem Shah braving through leg cramps to finish his over, we could not be mad at our team despite the loss. But that was not the only praiseworthy show of sportsmanship. Fakhar Zaman and his honesty became the talk of the much awaited Asia Cup match.

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Pakistan was already struggling on the field, especially when opener and captain Babar Azam got out early on in the match. All eyes were on Fakhar Zaman to pick up the pace and for a while, he did, making us believe that just maybe, Pakistan had a chance at salvation. But then, after hitting a short ball by Avesh Khan which was caught by the wicketkeeper, Zaman began to walk off the field. Many were confused because neither the bowler nor the wicketkeeper had made an appeal. It was only after Zaman walked off did the umpire declare him out.

The loss of Zaman on the field was a huge blow for the team but many found it difficult to be upset. Instead, Fakhar Zaman was praised by both sides for his sportsmanship which will undoubtedly be a moment to remember during the Asia Cup. Many applauded his honesty:

Fans also took the opportunity to highlight that we need people like Zaman and his honesty because that is otherwise missing in our leaders:

Fakhar Zaman was also praised for ensuring that above rivalry was the spirit of the game:

Even Indians could not hold back their appreciation for the batsman:

It seems as though no matter what the outcome of the Asia Cup may be, Fakhar Zaman has already won a place in all our hearts!

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