Celebrities rejoice as Pakistan beat India

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The past two Sundays have been occupied by two of the most intense games of cricket. Long time rivals, Pakistan and India battled it out on the cricket pitch for a chance to win the Asia Cup 2022 and both teams gave it their all. As Pakistan emerged as the winner of the nail biting match, everyone celebrated the win including our celebrities! Here are some of their wholesome reactions to Pakistan beating India at the super four match of the Asia Cup 2022.

Shahid Afridi

No better praise than that from former captain of the cricket team, Boom Boom Afridi!

Kubra Khan

Kubra Khan could not contain her excitement during the Pakistan and India Asia Cup super four match. She was a range of emotions and called the team, “absolute gems,” specially Muhammad Rizwan!

She also shared a meme of herself showing how she was reacting to the match.

Gohar Rasheed

The Maula Jatt star was also in awe of our opening batsman. However, he also did not hold back on gloating about the win against our arch nemesis!

Asim Azhar

The singer has never held back when it comes to showing his excitement whenever Pakistan takes the field and it has been no different during the Asia Cup. He shared a wholesome clip of celebrations as the team hit the winning runs with a rendition of Dil Dil Pakistan’.

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Azhar also tweeted his appreciation for the team alongside his own analysis of the match, he also reminded cricket fans to be humble in their victory.

Saba Qamar

While celebrating the win, the Kamli star also reminded viewers to not forget the flood victims and encouraged everyone to keep donating!

Bilal Ashraf

While most of us needed time to recover from the intense game, Bilal Ashraf was of the opinion we need more Pakistan and India matches!


Arslan Naseer

Arsalan Naseer and his complete 180 on whether we were going to win or lose was all basically every Pakistani watching the match!

Mansha Pasha

Mansha Pasha, just like all of us, was feeling the heat of the Pakistan vs India match.

Needless to say, we will be reliving this match for quite some time!

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