Mansha Pasha has the perfect response to a Twitter troll

Beating them at their own game

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Actor and star of the recently released Laal Kabootar Mansha Pasha responded to an unsolicited word of advice from a Twitter user.

The user, who is a member of according to his Twitter bio, told the actress that she would always be judged and never accepted for being part of the entertainment industry.

His tweet stated:

Mansha, however, clapped back in the best way possible — by beating him at his own game. She told the user that he should unfollow her since following and messaging a ‘sinner’ like her is tantamount to sinning.

Many praised the actor and criticised said user for inaccurately using religion by saying that only God can judge a person.

Even Mahira Khan seemed to agree with Mansha after she quote tweeted her response.

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