Tich Button finally gets a release date!

KARACHI: Slated to release over two years ago, many began to wonder if the Pakistani movie Tich Button would ever see the light of day. The movie which marks Urwa Hocane's debut as a producer was delayed by the pandemic and despite the fact that the world has shifted back to normal and movies began hitting the cinemas, the only thing left of Tich Button was its teaser. However, fans can rest assured that the movie which stars Feroze Khan, Farhan Saeed, Iman Aly and Sonya Hussyn in the leads is set to make its release this October!

The cast took to social media to share the exciting news that Tich Button finally has a release date. They shared posters of the movie and wrote, “*The wait is finally over!!* Presenting to you, the release date of highly anticipated ‘Tich Button’ featuring your favorite superstars.” The movie is set to hit cinemas on the 28th of October.

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On the occasion of a release date being announced, what better way to celebrate than to revisit the teaser for Tich Button that aired two years ago? The teaser promises a lot of action, romance, music and dances all set against beautiful backgrounds.

The teaser begins with Feroze Khan and Farhan Saeed running through what looks to be a village setup. Then we’re introduced to the leading ladies. Iman Aly is more of a city girl while Sonya Hussyn is more of a country girl. And it seems as though there is a love rectangle brewing. While at first glance we see Farhan and Iman sharing a romantic cart ride through the village fields, we also see Feroze unable to take his eyes off of Sonya. But no love story is complete without heartbreak and drama and it seems as though Sonya suddenly has her eyes on Farhan. 

The Tich Button teaser is an amalgamation of different scenes from the movie without any dialogues. Viewers are left to fill in the blanks and then leave the rest to make sense when they actually watch the movie. The only dialogue comes right at the end which goes along the lines, “When someone falls in love they cross all limits.” This is said against an image of a bleeding Farhan Saaed.

Needless to say, it will be exciting to see what the movie has in store for fans!

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