Ramadan specials to look out for

KARACHI: As Ramadan 2022 approaches, one of the many things people look forward to about the month are the dramas. After Iftaar, what better way to relax than to curl up with your cup of tea and enjoy light hearted dramas? Here are some dramas to keep an eye out for this Ramadan!

Chaudhry and Sons

If you are someone who thoroughly enjoyed the likes of Suno Chanda and Chupke Chupke, then you are bound to enjoy Chaudhry and Sons. The mindless comedy has been written by Saima Akram Chudhery and will see Imran Ashraf and Ayeza Khan as the lead actors.

Khan seems to be playing a character eerily similar to that in Chupke Chupke who will butt heads with Ashraf’s character who seems to be a cocky yet fun loving man(child). Fights, heated exchanges and a love story are all to be expected from this Ramadan drama.


It seems as though the success of 2021's Ramadan dramas have spilled over into 2022. Chupke Chupke cast the spotlight on new comers Aymen Saleem and Arslan Naseer. While both of them had supporting roles in the drama, their onscreen chemistry made them one of the most favorite onscreen couples for the masses. Now the two are back, this time as the main leads.

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Paristan promises to be an interesting watch. The drama has its fair share of humor especially with the storylines that revolve around Mooro, Ali Safina, Mira Sethi and Navin Waqar. However, it also shows glimpses of hardships and heartbreak. Naseer plays Arsam, a guy whose life looks perfect from a distance yet a closer look reveals otherwise. While Saleem plays the role of Pernia, a girl who daydreams about a perfect life yet lives a very different reality. Merub Ali and Junaid Jamshed’s storyline shows glimpses of cute moments shared as well as the souring of a relationship.

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It will be interesting to see how this drama pans out.

Hum Tum

Boy oh boy, are Ahad Raza Mir Fans in for a treat. It has been a while since we have seen the actor on the small screen and fans have been craving to see him act. And this Ramadan, it seems as though those prayers have been answered. Mir is all set to star with Ramsha Khan in a Ramadan special called Hum Tum.

From the first teaser, their characters, Adam and Neha, seem to share an interesting chemistry. The two are clearly not fans of one another but have to tolerate each other since their families seem to be connected in some way. Junaid Khan plays Adam’s brother and Sarah Khan is meant to be one of Neha’s sisters. Seemingly, the two have met under an arranged-marriage scenario. From the second teaser, it seems as if Junaid Khan’s character has fallen head over heels for the girl. Someone who enjoys cooking, he tries to win her heart through food. Sarah Khan’s character, however, seems little interested in someone who is a “khanay ki machine”.

Ahad Raza Mir, it seems, has tried his hand at a different character than his previous roles. Less intense and more funny, it will be fun to see how he pulls it off in this family comedy.

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