HSY on teaming up with NOWPDP, Kashf Foundation for sustainable fashion

The collaboration is a part of a sustainable fashion project for a bride and groom.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, better known as HSY, never ceases to amaze. Recently the acclaimed designer took on an interesting project, one that encourages responsible and sustainable fashion and he did so with the help of two foundations close to his heart: NOWPDP and Kashf Foundation. Together they created a bridal suit for Umber Ahmad that was gorgeous to look at and didn’t impact the environment negatively.


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Speaking to Cutacut about his collaboration with NOWPDP, HSY opened up about how empowering people with disabilities, especially children with disabilities is, “massively important part and parcel of where and what I want to do and where I see myself in the future.” He talked about the importance of allowing people with disabilities to work in mainstream jobs and to pay them proper salaries for their work. how this bridal dress and his collaboration aligned with his firm belief in the 3% rule which requires companies to hire at least 2-3% of people with disabilities and how he plans to implement the rule in his brand as well.

HSY shares his secrets to success


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HSY also spoke about the importance of his collaboration with Kashf Foundation and their efforts to empower women. “I am a product of two women myself. I was brought up singlehandedly by my mother and sister,” the designer revealed and talked about the strength and the hardships single women have to endure in order to empower themselves. Kashf Foundation gives these women a chance to get fair and respectful work by incorporating their designs into the designer’s projects. What makes working with Kashf Foundation so great is that the foundation acknowledges that women can’t come to the city to find work and so with collaborations such as this, the work is being taken to them wherever they are.


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Talking about his plans on taking sustainable fashion forward, HSY shared how his clients are more than happy with the idea. “Design has to be more than just the ability to make beautiful clothes, the world is changing so rapidly that the needs and requirements have changed. We need to be very very mindful of what is happening around us. If we can’t be a part of the process of the solution then we are part of the process of the problem.”


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HSY took the opportunity to make it clear that the reason why he was “making so much noise” is not for validation but “for setting a new trend.”

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