HSY shares his secrets to success

In his third TED talk, the King of Couture turned actor shared how recent challenges inspired him to reinvent, develop, and evolve

KARACHI: Best known for his style, designs, personality and now, acting, HSY recently delivered his third TED talk. On the TEDx stage, the designer and actor shared how recent challenges inspired him to reinvent, develop, and evolve. The same set of challenges allowed him to thrive rather than simply survive in the long run.

Not alien to the various hurdles the Covid pandemic put forth, HSY shared the setbacks he faced both personally and professionally. In just a few months following the pandemic, he struggled to keep the business going, his parents were gravely ill and payments to vendors had yet to be made, leading to further troubles. He was forced to do what many of us did during this time: pause and reflect on what was to come and find a way to survive.

Searching within, he decided to launch his social media series ‘LIVE with HSY’ – a platform where he not only reconnected with industry colleagues but also connected with a larger fan base. This was just the tipping point for more opportunities to follow.

HSY closed the TED talk on an encouraging note, “I’ve realized that when the chips are down and you need to innovate and thrive, look into yourself. The real innovation truly lies within you. Be authentic to yourself. Too fast, too soon we become unauthentic and I know it’s a small word but if you really think about it, being unauthentic is a big feeling. Be authentic to who you are, however you are, whatever God has given you and when you tap into those emotions, those experiences, that’s your DNA. No one else can live those experiences. You and I could walk through this place together and your experience and my experience will be different. Respect your experience. Build on those experiences, build innovations, and if you really want to thrive with innovation, thrive with innovation within your heart.”

Resurfacing from the struggles posed by the pandemic, HSY currently owns the largest luxury couture studio with a stronger and more efficient fashion house. On Saturdays, he also rules our TV screens with his portrayal of Akram in Pehli Si Muhabbat.

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