Social distancing: Should you be canceling plans and staying home in the times of Corona?

The Dos and Don’ts of protecting yourselves and others during a pandemic

By Cutacut Editorial Team

Should you be practicing social distancing not just to protect yourselves but others around you? Yes, yes you should.

Pakistan has recorded 91 cases of Coronavirus aka COVID-19.

Sindh has the highest number of cases, a total of 76- with 25 people testing positive for COVID-19 in Karachi alone.

All provinces have shut down educational institutions for the rest of the semester, while Sindh government has also banned public gatherings, religious celebrations and closed shrines, marriage halls, and so on.

Countries that have recorded a number of cases, such as Italy, have completely shut down and are practicing social distancing.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is a conscious effort to reduce close contact between people in the hopes of slowing down the spread of infections or diseases. Social distancing measures include limiting large groups of people coming together, closing buildings and cancelling events.

If you’re confused about the Dos and Don’ts of social distancing, we’ve made a list:


1. Mass/Group Gatherings: This means schools, religious gathering, workplaces. If you can afford to, work from home. Schools and colleges are already closed, it’s time to experience online classes. As for religious gatherings, it’s important to talk to your local place of worship head to figure out an alternative.

2. Shaadis: Desi wedding are full of people, dancing and sweating together. You might want to sit this one out, unless you’re the one getting married. In that case, talk to your partner about possibly hosting a smaller, more intimate function.

3. Physical contact: No handshakes, hugs, kisses, highfives, poking. It’s not rude to refuse any of these either.

4. Sleep overs: Stay home. Your own home.

5. Play Dates: Parents, you may need to reschedule play dates. We don’t want put children at risk, and play dates are basically breeding grounds for germs.

6. Concerts: Same scene as shaadis: overcrowded, sweaty and avoidable

7. Cinema Outings: You can watch the movie on a smaller screen, It’s okay.

8. Sports events: The PSL recently banned stadium crowds – a welcome move.

9. Malls/ crowded stores: Another breeding ground for germs.

10. Gym: Work out at home.

11. Visitors in your house: Maybe next time, uncle and aunty.

12. Mass transit system: Try avoiding traveling, which is what is causing this virus to spread at the speed it is globally.

Go ahead with:

1. Taking a walk

2. Going for a hike

3. Playing in your garden

4. Playing with your pet

5. Cleaning

6. Reading a good book

7. Listening to music

8. Cooking

9. Spending time with your fam

10. Going for a drive

11. Streaming a show

12. Checking on a friend

13. Checking on an elderly neighbor






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