Noor Mukadam’s mother talks to media for first time

Holding her daughter Noor's Aurat March sign, she demanded justice for her daughter.

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: With Noor Mukadam’s murder case moving forward in the court, a recent update left many shocked. Asmat Adamjee, the mother of the prime accused, was granted bail despite the fact that call logs suggested she had been in contact with her son during the kidnapping and murder. Following the Supreme Court’s decision to grant bail, Noor Mukadam’s mother spoke to the press for the first time since her daughter’s murder.

Holding the sign that her daughter once proudly held at Aurat March, Noor Mukadam’s mother was asked what her demands from the judiciary was to which she replied that all she wanted is for her daughter to get the justice she deserves and that, “the murderer should get the same punishment” as her daughter had to endure. She also went on to say that all those people who were involved in the crime should also be punished.

Zahir Jaffer formally charged for Noor Mukadam’s murder


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Breaking down in tears, Mukadam’s mother confessed that she isn’t at peace and she can hardly sleep since her daughter was murdered. She talked about what a great daughter Noor was, not just towards her family but towards those around her. Mrs. Mukadam also talked about how the family was struggling to deal with their loss and that the only thing that will help them get through the ordeal is when the accused will get the punishment they deserve.

Zahir Jaffer remains the main accused in the murder case and has been indicted.

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