Xulfi to produce season 14 of Coke Studio

He will be replacing Rohail Hyatt for the upcoming new season of the acclaimed music show

KARACHI: Singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer, and producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, also known as Xulfi, is all set to headline the upcoming 14 edition of Coke Studio. The popular music show is set to come back for a new season but there has been a lot of mystery about who would be producing the much-awaited season. Earlier in the year composer, keyboardist, record producer, and fan-favorite Rohail Hyatt announced his departure from the franchise. This was during a Twitter exchange with a fan, who expressed concern about who would be producing the new season especially taking into account the disbandment of Strings. In the same exchange, the Vital Signs founder also went on to name Xulfi as the best choice to produce the show.

However, despite Hyatt’s faith in him, Xulfi who has garnered a lot of praise for his work on Nescafe Basement, was a bit apprehensive about the possibility and said, “every year, there’s this news. So there’s a probability of doing Coke Studio every year. No one knows and let’s see what the future holds.”


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However, now it seems as though the Laree Chooti  singer’s role has been confirmed from the man himself. The EP and Call guitarist took to Facebook to announce his new role.

The confirmation, however, first came from Coke Studio’s official Twitter account.

Bilal Maqsood, who has also been associated with the platform as a producer in the past, expressed his excitement as well.

This, however, won’t be the first time that Xulfi will be working with Coke Studio. He produced ‘Hum Aik Hain’ under the franchise’ banner and was also working on Coke Studio Explorer before the show was called off in season 12.

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