Rohail Hyatt suggests Xulfi takes over Coke Studio as producer

Responding to a fan's tweet, the former producer named Xulfi as the next best option to take his place

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Some major decisions which can greatly impact our music industry have been taken lately. From Rohail Hyatt making his exit as a producer for Coke Studio to Strings bringing their band’s career to a close, fans wonder if there is any chance for the quality of music to retain itself now that some of the best musicians have taken big decisions.

A fan recently asked Rohail Hyatt about the future of Coke Studio now that Hyatt has stepped down as producer.

Maestro @rohailhyatt, you’ve left Coke Studio, Strings have disbanded too. Now, who will be producing CS? already feeling concerned. BTW I’m a huge fan of yours,” said the fan in his tweet.

The Vital Signs‘ keyboardist was pretty responsive to the tweet and said, “Thank you. Since Bilal worked alone at Velo, he might still do that again. There are many candidates for CS. Hopefully, Coke will find someone who is excited about producing It. Xulfi is the best option IMO.”

Coke Studio, a music platform launched in 2008 by Hyatt himself started off as a much small-scale production which grew to the amount of international acclaim it now receives. Being the leading platform when it came to producing music and telecasting the recording process, Coke Studio gave way to a number of new artists to expand their audience.

Recently, another Twitter user had commented on how Coke Studio has lived its best and its worst. Hence, it is time to wrap up the show as Hyatt leaves.

To this, the musical prodigy replied, “Respectfully acknowledged but this is just an opinion. Everyone has their favorites. I don’t think it will get wrapped anytime soon because the numbers and public support far outweigh any negativity or ROI. Last season left 300m impressions for less than what is spent on a TVC!”

This suggests that while Rohail Hyatt might be done with his position at the studio, he still has immense faith in the show.

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