Update your playlist for #TransformationTuesday

Before you can work it in the gym, you need to work it on your playlist

KARACHI: Almost everybody in this day and age wishes to eat healthy, have a routine, exercise and drink tons of water. But only a handful of people actually get down to making it happen. The rest of us keep delaying it for various reasons. So we decided to break down the mantra of having a routine but ironically, that also requires a routine. Soz. You must take this transformation one step at a time. Start slow. Pick a playlist for your workout sessions before actually getting down to the real deal and let us help you with it.

Check out our recommended list of the 10 best workout songs that will have your calories burning like never before.

1. Hall of Fame – The Script

2. Lose Yourself – Eminem 

3. It’s my Life – Bon Jovi 

5. Dancing On My Own – Robyn 

4. They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson 

5. Single Ladies – Beyonce 

6. Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay 

7. Turn Down For What – DJ Snake, Lil John

8. Run the World – Beyonce

9. Solo Dance – Martin Jensen 

10. Sound of Freedom – Bob Sinclair

You’re welcome!

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