Can yoga help you have better sex?

We spoke to a yogi and compiled a list of poses. You're welcome

By Alice Peter-Bhagtaney

KARACHI: It’s no surprise that an exercise that helps increase your flexibility, presence of mind and core strength would enable you to be better at something that requires all three of these. How exactly does yoga aid in enhancing your sexual experience and, more importantly, which yoga poses should you be doing so you perform better in bed?

We spoke to celebrated yogi and yoga instructor Shakila Hassan on the matter and the clear and simple answer is: yes, yoga most definitely improves the quality of your sex life.

Speaking passionately on the topic, Hassan said, “Any exercises that helps strengthen your pelvic muscles will always give you greater control of your body and thus the ability to fully enjoy it”. Moreover, Hassan also reiterated that since the primary goal of yoga is to work on your core and increase your attention span and focus. “When young people indulge in sex, they are so focused on that orgasm they want to achieve or are centered on something that happened in the past. They’re not in the moment,” she says. “That is where yoga comes in because it brings your mind in the present; it trains your brain to block out the past and future and just be in the moment,” she goes on to say.

When asked which yoga poses are the best for this purpose, Hassan recommended kegel exercises. These exercises are also known as pelvic floor exercises and consist of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles. “You know, we all leak energy from various places especially via our sexual organs,” said Hassan, as she stressed on the importance of kegel exercises, “But when you do yoga, you’re able to contain that energy and keep it from leaking away and then when you have sex with all that saved up energy, it’s a whole new experience”.

According to HuffPost, the following yoga poses can seriously improve your sex life or well, just your life in general.

1) Sun Salute or Surya Namaskar

Apparently, saluting the sun will make your partner salute you later. (Creepy analogy, sorry.)

Here’s how to master the pose:


2) Root Lock or Mula Bandha

Also lauded as the “original kegel,” the Mula Bandha helps you contract and relax the muscles at the bottom of your pelvic floor, making you more prepared for penetration.


3) Diamond Pose or Vajrasana

This position is known to relieve your back muscles, especially those connected to the pelvis. Let that diamond on your left hand’s finger become your #yogamotivation.


4) Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana

The philosophy of this pose is that you balance your whole body on your shoulders, enabling a better blood flow and functioning of all parts of your body. The pose is known to improve your mental and physical health, also leading to more presence of mind and the ability to be able to enjoy sex in the moment instead of worrying about other things.

Here’s how you can do it:


5) Plow Pose or Halasana

Doing Halasana can help balance your hormones, the benefit of which is self-explanatory.

See how to get into the pose here:

Disclaimer: However, you should always seek medical and professional advice before starting yoga and if you’re not completely satisfied with your sex life, then maybe get some help regarding that too. That is, if yoga doesn’t help.

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