Hania Aamir wants people to be themselves

Encouraging people to keep the child in them alive, Hania Aamir urges authenticity and love

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Hania Aamir, time and again, has used her Instagram as a platform that encourages positivity. From encouraging her followers to choose love over hate to motivating people to find comfort in their own skin, Hania Aamir keeps things bright and sunny on her social media. She recently took to her Instagram stories to talk about how people are not really wanted for their authentic selves. People that are happy and genuine, and try to spread positivity around themselves are often considered ‘too much’.

“The sad part is that there are only a few people left in this world that are real and genuine. Even the ones that are, usually fear being called weird names by other people such as ‘Shokha’ (too flamboyant), when they are only trying to be as authentic as possible,” she said. “All they are doing is keeping the child inside them alive, its vulnerability, its innocence to be honest. And they are just good people who are trying to be themselves and not trying to be anything else. All they want is happiness for themselves and the people around them. So it doesn’t make sense when you hate on them.”

Hania Aamir then mentioned a certain comment on her Instagram that caught her attention, a  possible reason behind what she said in her stories. “Actually, I just read comments which said, ‘oh I unfollowed her because she was like crossing her limits‘. What are you talking about man? All I talk about is love and respect, and coexisting with different opinions, and that’s it. I love you all man! Don’t miss out on my content, what are you doing?”

The Parwaaz Hai Junoon star then encouraged everyone who faces the same hating for wanting happiness and positivity around them. “Shoutout to everybody who is being themselves and laughing out loud, despite the fact that there are people around them who are going to hate them just because they are a ray of sunshine, and they are rainbows and unicorns of a personality! Shoutout to you! Be happy and keep smiling and do you, and be yourself, okay? You don’t need to fit in, you’re good. Let the unfollowers unfollow, okay? You have fun. I love you! Love to all the genuine people!”

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