Hania Aamir keeps the narrative going about being comfortable in your own skin

Addressing concerns that rose after she used a beauty filter while talking about owning one's skin, Hania Aamir wants people to focus on the larger context

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Hania Aamir recently made headlines for using a beauty filter on Instagram while encouraging her followers to be comfortable in their own skin. While the actor spoke about standing up against society’s unrealistic standards of beauty, more attention was paid to the filter that she had used. Addressing these concerns, Aamir uploaded yet another video on her Instagram stories to talk about the issue.

“That is not the point, I was even wearing make up that day,” said Aamir referring to the irony which some people found in the previous situation. “The point is being comfortable with who you are, doing things because you want to do them, not doing things because of the beauty standards that are set.”

Encouraging her followers to focus on the issue at hand rather than shooting somebody down for having different preferences than them, Aamir spoke about the importance of free will and being able to choose. The actor shared that it is okay for someone to use beauty filters if that is what they want, and that should not nullify what the person is trying to say.

Reminding her listeners of how she has spoken about skin positivity in the past and has used her social media account to normalise acne and natural skin, Hania Aamir urged bloggers and publications to practise responsible journalism. “Don’t be so opportunist. If there is a good conversation going on, let it go on, think about how you can do something good in life, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep it to yourself.”

With people paying more attention to what she did rather than what she said, Aamir felt that “It defeats the whole purpose of the conversation that I’m trying to have and it destroys the whole movement because now everyone is focusing on “Ah Hania used a filter” and not the fact that she’s telling you to own your skin”

Encouraging people to contribute positively towards the narrative instead of being irresponsible and trying to pit women against women, Aamir sent out a message of love and acceptability to all.

“You do you, boo! You put on makeup if you want to, you go bare face if you want to, you put on a beauty filter if you want to, you go on a diet if you want to, you eat healthy if you want to, you put on weight if you want to! You do everything because you want to do it, not because of stupid beauty standards.”

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