The only Instagram accounts you should be following for quick pick-me-ups

Yes, they are dog accounts. So what?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Mondays are the toughest to get through … amirite? But following these cute dog Instagram accounts of adorable and playful dogs, might make it easier? Hey, just trying to help.

1. Tucker | The Golden Retriever

Tucker is the whiniest yet the most adorable pupper out there! His account is operated by his mom, whom he loves, and she adds super cute captions to his videos and photos. Do check it out!

2. Benji | The Maltese x Shihtzu

Benji has the “oh no, it’s Monday” face. But he’s here to tell you to just hang in there because it’ll be fri-yay soon!

3. Chloe | The Chow

Just look at that face. The Chow Chow (sometimes simply Chow) is a dog breed originally from northern China. Don’t they look like teddy bears?

4. Molson and Maple | The Golden Retrievers

This is an account of not one but two Golden Retrievers. And they’re cute AF. Their bio reads “professional wrestlers” and you need to keep up with their daily squabbles.

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