11 winter foods to satisfy your cravings

These favourites are available all year round but nothing like having them in cold weather!

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The weather in Karachi has been amazing these past few days. As Karachiites we crave and wait for this pleasantness all the time, especially in the sweltering heat of summers. Let’s face it we get way too much sun all year round and crave that Quetta ki hawa. And when winter does finally arrive, we have to enjoy it to it’s fullest, ammirite?

Following are some winter food cravings we can’t get enough of:

1. Chai

2. Nihari

3. Fried fish

4. Moong Phali/ Roasted peanuts

5. Shakar kandi (sweet potato)

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6. Soup

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Tried this new recipe of Hot and sour soup and it turned out Ah-mazing! Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for some restaurant style hot and sour soup. Here’s the recipe: 🐔Chicken broth as required 🐔Boiled and shredded chicken 🥕Medium sized Capsicum, Carrot and Cabbage (julienne cut) 🥙Coriander leaves 🥙finely chopped garlic 🌶Chuck in your soy and chilli sauce (2tbsp each) 🌶Vinegar 1 tbsp 🌶Ketchup 1 tbsp (although chilli garlic was recommended but it wasn’t available so I chopped up some garlic and added ketchup to give a little garlicky taste) 🐔Chicken Powder 1tsp -Sugar 1tbsp -Salt (to taste) -Black pepper powder 1/2 tbsp. -Cornflour (as required) 🥚Egg (1) How to make it: Step 1: Add your vegetables and the chicken powder, coriander leaves and chopped garlic in the Chicken broth. Let it boil for 2 minutes. Step 2: Chuck in all your sauces give it a good stir. Add Black pepper powder, Sugar and Salt (according to taste). Let it simmer for 5-7 mins. Last step: Add cornflour to give that thick texture and lastly your perfectly beaten egg to finish it off. Pro- tip: Add some fresh coriander leaves after you’re done for a little garnish and presentation 🌸 #foodblogging #dubaifoodbloggers #foodfacts #alldayeveryday #dxbfoodblogging #foodprep #teabags #tealovers #foodfacts #soups #pakistanifoodbloggers #khifoodblogging #feedyoursoul #foodfeed #tasty #pakistanifood #karachifoodies #foodnetwork #foodjournal #foodies #khaanaShaana #letsblogsomefood #foodgawker #instafood #soulfood #myfoodjournal #foodstagram #foodmemes

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7. Kachori|Halwa Puri|Desi Nashta

8. Tikka

9. Chapli Kabab

10. Makai/ Roasted corns

11. Paye


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