Hania Aamir wants her followers to choose love over hate

The actor who was recently criticized on social media for her choices, speaks about being kind and respectful towards others

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Pakistani actor Hania Aamir seems to be a popular target for online haters. Previously criticized for using a filter while talking about being comfortable in one’s skin, Aamir’s life choices and behaviour do not seem to make sense to many. After having cleared the air about the controversy that followed her use of beauty filters, Aamir has once again taken to social media to address the hate that she has been receiving. This time, the actor claims to be the target of online hate for being a happy person. Perhaps her heightened emotions do not make sense to other people. Aamir, however, takes pride in who she is.

“I pride myself on being the person that I am today. Yes I make the most of each day. Yes I speak my mind. Yes you might think I’m too much. I am. I am all of these things. I am extra. Extra. I love more. Laugh more. Feel more. Every emotion is heightened and that is the person that I am,” she wrote.

Speaking about being more confused than sad after reading some of the online comments about her, Aamir wondered, “How can people not be okay with seeing someone happy? Why can’t people be happy in others happiness? Somebody smiling can put you off? Because they’re not what you expect them to be or they don’t lead their life how you do?”

Hania Aamir then went on to tell her haters how there are all kinds of people in this world and that coexistence has to be at the core of humankind. Instead of hating someone for being different than you, one needs to be accepting of them and respect their choices. “Kindness is attractive. Being supportive is attractive. Respecting people is attractive. Co existing with a difference of opinion is attractive.”

Coming full circle with the concept of self-love, Aamir ended the note with “Basically I am amazing you should get to know me.”

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