Asim Abbasi gears up for another web series

Setting up a casting call, Asim Abbasi's next project will feature children in pivotal roles

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: Asim Abbasi is Pakistan’s loud and proud feminist filmmaker and his works clearly speak for his principles. His film Cake and his recent web series, Churails have portrayed women in strong roles, leading the narrative and being active characters in their stories. This is contrary to most female characters we see on a usual basis that are passive and mere prisoners of fate and circumstance, rather than their driving force. However, a recent post from Asim Abbasi suggests another web series in his back pocket, one which might have children leading the narrative this time.

“Round 3! Spread the word people and help us find some cool kids,” his caption says.

The casting call does not reveal a lot about what Asim Abbasi is working on but announces an upcoming web series which aims to cast a 14-year-old boy and a 7-9-year-old girl. Rehearsals are to begin in the summer of 2021, while the shooting will commence by September, in Gilgit.

For a while now, Pakistan’s entertainment industry has shown a scarcity of stories that aren’t ‘formula’. Stuck in household affairs, our stories often neglect all the other narratives that might be relevant to our region. Stories with leading women and children shown beyond the archetypes television has set for them are rare. On numerous occasions, actors have stood up to point out that the industry needs to take up risks when writing films/plays on topics that go unaddressed.

With his unconventional stories, characters, and arcs, we are sure Asim Abbasi will shine with flying colors yet again for his upcoming project.

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