#WomanCrushWednesday: All the women you need in your life

Join us in celebrating these incredible women who are crushing it in life and we're crushing on them

KARACHI: Join us in celebrating these incredible women and following their journeys on Instagram. This article originally went up on International Women’s Day but we will continue to update this list so keep a look out!

Presenting, in no particular order, our list:

1. Zehra Khan

Well for starters, she leads the Home-Based Women Workers Federation (HBWWF) that makes thousands of women in Sindh aware of their due rights. Moreover, Zehra is said to have engaged a number working class women who passionately participated in a massive Aurat March rally held in Karachi this year. Her work also led the Sindh government to pass the Sindh Home Based Workers Bill (2018) in May. The bill not only protects female workers and their rights but also extends to home-based workers, ensuring they are considered equal employees with all rights, maternity leaves and other basic facilities. Kudos to Zehra and her organisation. Seriously, what’s not to crush over?

Posted by Nasir Mansoor on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

2. Mandana Noor

She’s a director, photographer, graphic designer and actor. Although Ali Noor is the one who steals the limelight most of the time, we can’t help but crush over his better half.

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3. Amna Mawaz Khan

She is a classical dancer who specialises in Bharatanatyam and a really good one. Did you know that Khan began training at the age of 11? Yep, that’s right. That’s some dedication. She now performs and teaches dance and is also a left-wing political worker and activist. What’s not to crush over?

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4. Amtul Baweja

She’s a theater artist, social activist, comedian but mostly importantly a terrific travel blogger. She and her better half run a blog called ‘Patangeer’ and call themselves the travel couple. And we can’t stop staring at her breathtaking photos.

5. Fauzia Zafar

A blogger by profession, Fauzia Zafar has taken over Instagram with her very relatable blog, called Rants of a Desi Bride. It started in 2016, when she was about to get married and her followers now read about her very relatable posts that shed light on what married life is all about. Through her Insta account, she documents her travels, gives advice to her followers and shares snippets of her adorable relationship with her husband.

One thing that I've learned in my life is that no matter what you do you can't please everyone. Starting from the most basic choices like what you decide to wear for the day or more significant ones like majors to pick in college (someone will always wish you will grow up to be a doctor). If you are unmarried at a certain age people start judging you k oh she is too career oriented/koi masla hoga/koi chakkar hoga, if you are unhappy in your relationship and decide to do something about it, someone will judge you. If you are married and decided not to have a child right away suddenly the entire world starts suggesting fertility clinics. I get too many messages from girls telling me such instances and how it mentally impacts them in a negative way. Too many time in my life too I had to face such fazool ki input. Sometimes it hurt. Sometimes it bounced off me without any impact. Point being, there will always be people around you giving unwanted advice. Whats important is knowing what you want and then taking a stand for yourself. Stick to your choices. I have made it a rule in my life so now I live with no regrets. Good decisions or bad, if they are yours – you learn to make peace with it. Listen to everyone but pay attention only to people who give you constructive criticism and good, genuine advice. Take control of your life. You only live once. Its the only time you will get in this world. Might as well make the most of it. I want to hear your stories. How you made your own choices despite people telling you otherwise. @zarifaisaldesigns, @amtulbaweja, @beetravelista and @2coffees.2go I want to hear all about your adventures. Tell me your stories. #RantsofaDesiBride #Pakistan #PakistaniBloggers #WeddingBlogger #WeddingBlog #LifestyleBlog #InstaBlog #InstaBlogger #JoMeinChahoon

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6. Mehreen Jabbar

She’s one of the most successful filmmakers in the country, known best for her 2008 film Ramchand Pakistani. Among her other award-winning short films and TV dramas are Daughters of the Late Colonel, Beauty Parlor, Laal Baig (Cockroach), Harjai (Betrayal) and ‘Doraha‘ (Crossroads). She is also part of the advisory board of The South Asian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Television. We are in awe and couldn’t be more proud!

7. Anam Abbas

She’s an independent filmmaker, best known for a Pakistani webseries Ladies Only, which she directs and produces. Not only that, she’s also founding member of Documentary Association of Pakistan (DAP). And in the midst of it all, she finds the time to maintain a very hip Instagram presence. We’re loving her feed, what about you?

Who gwan rescue me

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8. Natalia Gul Jilani Baghdadi

She’s a dentist and a theatre actor. Wow, talk about diversity. She’s fabulous at stand up comedy and performs with the popular Khawatoons. Her Instagram bio also tells us that she’s a writer, voice over artist and a rotarian. Is there anything she can’t do?

9. Ayesha Tariq

She’s a comedian, an illustrator and the author of Sarah: The Suppressed Anger of the Obedient Pakistani Daughter. We’ve seen her perform with the Khawatoons and we’ve seen her artwork as well. She’s brilliant!

Happy after finding the best coasters! 😀 #Istanbul #turkey #travel

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10. Quratulain Binte Khalid

Reason: She’s a commercial and lifestyle photographer. Also, a lover of books, dogs, food and all things amazing. We love how she does portraits and self-portraits. Recently, the travel bug in her took her to Baku and we were wowed.

11. Rehmat Ajmal

She’s a textile designer, model and theatre performer who has studied from the National College of Arts. Also, her Instagram bio says she’s a ‘smasher of patriarchy’. So basically everything about her is making us go like: “Preach sista!”

12. Amafah Mubashir: Yogi

Reason: It would be an understatement to say that her Instagram is breathtaking. Need any guidelines on yoga? Mubashir should be your go-to person. She’s just so good at what she does. Seriously, it makes us want to enroll in her yoga classes.

13. Mariam Saleem Khan

She’s an actor and writer, which is a terrific combination. Also, if you haven’t had a chance to scroll through her Instagram, just do it now. Her videos are hilarious.

Being Zara. #aapkamatloobanumber PC: @ssphotography_official

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14. Madeeha Syed

Reason: She’s not only a journalist and an award-winning documentary filmmaker but possesses many other talents as well and her Instagram account proves it. Don’t believe us? Go check out for yourselves. You’ll be in awe.

15. Natasha Zubair

Reason: Her Instagram bio states that she’s a lover of 35mm film, and tbh we are lovers of her photos. Zubair is a photographer and entrepreneur who also makes the coolest stationary with recycled paper. What’s not to love about her?

16. Alycia Dias

She’s the girl with the golden voice. Remember the official soundtrack (OST) from the Sanam Jung and Sarwat Gilani starrer drama Dil-e-Muztar? Yup, Dias sang that and a bunch of other melodious OSTs for various Pakistani television dramas. At the age of 17, she participated in a local reality show and became a semi-finalist. Pretty cool, isn’t she?

17. Nausheen Dadabhoy

How many cinematographers in Pakistan are women? Nausheen is one of a kind. We’ve all seen her work in Mehreen Jabbar’s Jackson Heights, Iram Bilal Perveen’s Josh and Oscar-nominated short film La Femme et le TGV [Railroad Lady]. More power to you, Nausheen.

18. Huma Mobin

Remember the real life ‘Queen,’ whose solo honeymoon took the internet by storm? Not only that, she also modeled for a local clothing brand while she was pregnant. You go girl!

19. Eman Suleman

Reason: The model is part of Auratnaak troupe and was involved in the bloodied pads project in BNU Lahore to raise a discussion on periods. Brains, beauty and a sense of humour, what’s not to like?

Sadriwala is a small town near Jaipur, India, in case you were wondering.

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20. Natasha Baig: Singer

Reason: Natasha’s strong voice sets her apart from all the new and upcoming singers in our industry. Plus, she sang for the #MeinBhi campaign which makes her pretty damn awesome.

21. Faiza Saleem: Comedian /Actor

Reason: Faiza is Pakistan’s first social media entertainer. We love how much she stresses on the fact that she was her own inspiration and how essential it is to be original. Also, she makes us laugh till it hurts.

22. Zenith Irfan: Traveler

Reason: Well, because she’s a total badass. Who else aspires to travel the world on a bike? We have trouble aspiring to get out of bed the next day, tbh.

23. Sanam Maher: Journalist

Reason: Because she’s hilarious and smart. She’s a journalist and a soon to be published author. Sanam is currently working on a book on the late Qandeel Baloch and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

24. Ayesha Chundrigarh: Founder, ACF

Reason: Ayesha is a champion of animal rights in Pakistan – a job not many would be willing to take up. She is successfully running the most well-known animal shelter in Karachi. Follow them here: @acfanimalrescueofficial

25. Sadia Khatri: Activist

Reason: Part of Girls at Dhabas, Sadia is partly responsible for the recently revived movement of reclaiming public spaces for women, and continues to be a strong and loud voice in the movement for gender equality; a force to be reckoned with.

26. Saheefa Jabbar: Model

Reason: Model of the moment, Saheefa has a girl-next-door look but she’s not your conventional “Pakistani model”. She is confident, edgy and effortlessly pulls off a haircut not many would dare to get.


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27. Noorulain Ali: Photographer

Reason: Hands-down one of the coolest wedding photographer in Pakistan. Would get married just to have her take photos. Just kidding, don’t have the budget. Follow her @noorulainali and prepare to be wowed.

"The aftermath of obliteration of eternity." #YayoiKusama

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28. Shehzil Malik: Illustrator/Designer

Reason: Just check out her Instagram to see what we’re talking about. *Drooling while browsing*

29. Samya Arif: Illustrator/Designer

Reason: Even Coldplay, yes as in Yellow, as in Chris Martin, is a fan. Samya has swiftly risen as one of the country’s best graphic designers. Follow her now.

30. Haya Fatima Iqbal: Documentary film-maker

Reason: Haya has worked as a producer of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Oscar and emmy winning documentaries and has quickly become a role model for aspiring film-makers. We couldn’t be more proud.

31. Zainab Abbas: Sports journalist

Reason: Definitely the most popular sports journalists these days, Zainab’s performance never disappoints. She makes us interested in matches we weren’t even planning on watching.

When you love your job! 💕

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