Things Pakistani men need to stop saying to women

Guys, it’s time to stop. Just stop

By Alice Peter-Bhagtaney

KARACHI. People in Pakistan say all kinds of politically incorrect stuff. However, the following statements used mostly by Pakistani men just go above and beyond that. And to be honest, we’re kinda sick of it.

1. “Is it that time of the month/Are you PMSing?”

I’m only annoyed because you’re annoying AF.

Pakistani men

2. “Calm your tits”

Petition to start saying “Calm your penis”. Makes you uncomfortable doesn’t it?

3. “Oh wow, you smoke? But do you inhale?”

No my girly lungs won’t be able to handle it.

4. “How can you not know how to cook?”

How can you not know how to be open-minded?

5. “Stop overreacting.”

Women are usually under-reacting. So when we ‘react’, men think that we’re overreacting.

6. “If you save all the money you spend shopping, imagine how rich you could be?”

If I had a dime for every time a man has said that to me, I’d probably be richer.

7. “So you’re saying women actually like having sex MORE THAN men?”

What kind of porn do you watch?

8. “Can’t believe you drove here on your own.”

Can’t believe how easily impressed you are.

9. “I prefer girls who don’t wear too much makeup”

You need some cover up tho.

10. You can’t come yaar. Going to a dhababoys scene.

I’m coming. In a car that I will drive. To have food that I haven’t cooked.

Pakistani men

11. Nice moustache.

Yes I am a human being with facial and body hair. Just like you. Back. Off.

Pakistani men

12. Why bother studying? You’ll just end up getting married.

Yes, possibly. Yet, I will still be kicking your ass in school, college, work and life.

Pakistani men

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